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Technology Revolution

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A technology revolution does not happen by accident, nor does it need to be painful. Most business leaders focus on the technology rather than the shifts in the mindset of the users as well as their clients. Maintenance One Performance, Inc. is here to help you define the means that you work, in addition, we will help you redefine the means that you communicate with your clients. Your revolution is waiting. What a bright, exciting future is already paved out for you... make the turn, TODAY.

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Just a Few Revolutionary Ideas

Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Your business process has a cost associated to every step. A computerized system is not always most efficient; for example, if the data entry is tedious. The amount of labor that you pay for may not produce a cost cutting result. Our efficiency experts will calculate your costs and show you options that saves time while reducing cost.

Team Collaboration

Local/Global Team Collaboration

True team collaboration results when members that are near or far operate at maximum efficiency. The boundaries of countries, continents, even time zones disappear. If you are operating with remote teams, or remote locations, it's time to revolutionize the way you work. Our experts will examine your current operations and make recommendations, and if your ready, implementations to bridge the gaps in your current collaboration strategy.

Operating Expenses

Reduce Operating Expenses

When was the last time you examined your daily operational expenses? Have you recently calculated the cost of doing business? Every day you burn electric, computing power, as well as manpower. We all know that the price to operate only increases. Why not revolutionize the tools, process, as well as the duties that are performed to reach a peak efficiency out of every step. Our team of experts will help you transform your operations into an efficient machine.


Process Automation

Good process automation takes the repeated steps out of the hands of expensive labor and places it in a work flow engine. By accomplishing this revolutionary step you save your business the cost of expensive labor which translates into greater profit. Every time you save money by removing labor you eliminate the risk of error, in addition, you increase the speed of workflow. Let our automation experts revolutionize your future.


Greater Client Communication

How well do you know your customers? Do you understand their buying habits? Why are they purchasing from you today? Which brings up the next question, will they return to you when they have additional needs? When you revolutionize your customer communications, you become a part of their life. Let our communications experts show you a better way forward.


AI & Data Analysis

Every day your business generates records. What do you do with that data? Do you know what to look for? Have you found any trends? By revolutionizing your business data AI finds trends that help you market your products and services to your clients. By holding on to existing customers you continue to profit with a lower cost per sale than if your continuously spinning the wheel attracting new clients. Our AI team is here to help you grow your business while reducing your expenses. Let us show you how.

" Right after a merger our labor expenses skyrocketed. With Maintenance One we upgraded our timekeeping by adding reporting tools that highlighted the source of our waste.Mike, CEO, ClearCut, Inc.
" We contacted Maintenance One to help us streamline our business process. Once they evaluated our processes, they implemented new process improvements where we realized over 20 percent increase in profits." Joe, CEO, MDI Avacado, LTD.
" Our inside sales team was not hitting their numbers. Maintenance One helped us better communicate with our prospects. Now we close more deals." Art, CEO, J&A Software, Inc.
" Our marketing needed help. Maintenance One was able to find trends in our sales leads which translated into higher sales." Chuck, CEO, Talley Sign Company